The Mayor's Cup 3
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The Mayor's Cup won't be returning in 2010 :(

Keep your fingers crossed for the Mayor's Cup 3 in spring or fall 2011 or 2012!

Enjoy the following:
The best of downtown Columbia,
the secrets of Columbia's parks,
door prizes and free stuff,
post-race party at Shakespeare's,
the most crazy fun ever!

Required Team Equipment:
Bike and helmet (one for each member of the team!)
Bike lock
Water bottle or camel pack
Backpack for gear
Digital camera (must photograph sections of the event

Recommended Team Equipment:
Running shoes * Sun glasses
Digital video camera * Better Judgement
Get out of jail free card * Rain Jacket

If you are looking for an ultra-intense, painful race, this isn't it! If you are looking for a fun, social event that is both physically and mentally challenging, then...ROCK ON!

Although the details are "top secret" until the start of the event, we can tell you that you will do things that you have never done before.

Some words from Mayor Darwin Hindman

"Columbia is an awesome city. It is the perfect place for the Urban Adventure Race. Columbia is filled with people who love life and activity. It has a wonderful park, trail and sidewalk system which is growing every day. It is a green city with a fun-filled downtown. Columbians will love the Mayor's Cup; you might say it is Columbia's cup of tea."

Team 223

Office Warriors Carson and Williams of the Future Solutions Clan

--Outfitted with the traditional warrior’s attire, and armed only with what weapons they could find, Derek (Carson) and Chris (Williams) were sent back in time to prevent the apocalypse that had shaped their meager existence.  The elders of the clan determined that the road to armageddon started at the first Mayor’s Cup, October 13, 2007, which set off a butterfly effect that would eventually envelope the human race in darkness.  These photos document their odyssey.

Event report from one of the survivors
Sunday, October 14, 2007

The race was divided into three sections. The first was on foot downtown and included challenges such as guessing the middle name of the proprietor of Ninth Street Deli, a one minute air guitar session on the stage at the Blue Note, and getting your picture taken from a bird's eye view at 10th and elm with the sponsor's restaurant in the background. The latter involved a six story stair climb at the Hitt Street Garage.

Before leaving downtown we were also required to sing a song about rain in Peace Park and to give an ugly doll to the troll-in-the-tunnel on the MKT Trail.

The second section was on bikes and required finding landmarks on campus and taking a pic of your teammate at those landmarks. Everyone knows where Thomas Jefferson's gravestone is, right?

That section concluded in the stadium tunnel singing the Ole Mizzou song to Hugh. Lyrics were provided however tone, pitch, and cadence were not. Poor Hugh.

That was the moment of truth. The temperature had dropped from 60 to 50 and the intermittent showers had become a strong steady rain. Hugh's instructions were to find the farmer in charge in Grindstone Park. The tunnel was dry, hot pizza and home was north, but the mission was not.

It may have been the inspiration I have learned from watching outstanding CMC athletes go above and beyond, it may have been perseverance learned from Tues/Thurs runs, or it may have been lack of good judgment, but down Paige Hill we went.

However, whatever inspired me to Grindstone Park and held me through two trips across the bridge imitating a barnyard animal failed me eventually. There was talk of a creek crossing 30 inches deep (and rising) to find a boogie man in a gila suit. Tempting yes, but... fueled by a hit of Red Bull we abandoned Grindstone Park and headed back to the hot, wonderful, warm, incredible narnia of Shakespeare's.

With this race report I respectfully submit the event worthy of a bead!

I also encourage everyone to watch for more Off Track Events. They are not typical chiped timed event (to say the least). Swim, bike, then run is good but so it the off season!

Steve Kullman

The Mayor's Cup Photo Library
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