with special guests Blind Pilot and Noah Earle

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Photos by Kevin Dingman

Wednesday, August 12 - 7:30 pm
Starts at Mojos 1013 Park Ave, Columbia, MO 65201
A small rolling bike parade through downtown Columbia!

FREE TO PARTICIPATE! Bring your friends and family! Come support the visiting band by coming to Mojos immediately following the ride for a full concert at Mojos
- Admission to the show is only $8 - Opening bands include: Noah Earle & Cantalouper

This will be Off Track Event's first ever Rolling Ramble event! What an amazing opportunity to have Blind Pilot and Noah Earle be the pioneer performers!

The band will be rolling in style with assistance from the Shakespeare's Pedicab's, friend's tandem bikes, and other bike supporters! Hope to see you there!

Route: Start at Mojos at 7:30 pm - Up Orr St. - Right on Walnut - Left on 10th St. - Right on Elm St - Short stop at Shakespeare's Pizza - Forward down Elm to MKT trail - Short stop at Flat Branch Park - Up Cherry St. - Left on 9th St - Right on Park Ave - Finish at Mojos!

Blind Pilot Official Site
Blind Pilot MySpace Page

Get advance tickets to Blind Pilot here

About Blind Pilot

Israel Nebeker and Ryan Dobrowski are Blind Pilot. Friends since college, Israel and Ryan have traveled many a mile to get where they are today literally. Last year Israel and Ryan embarked on a West Coast bike tour. This wasn't a tour where they road bikes, and had a van hauling the equipment. They hauled everything on their bikes. No gas. 100% leg powered. Playing little towns that dont often get shows by touring bands they were able to share their brand of music with people who weren't particularly familiar with indie-pop, or indie anything. But they found that heart-felt lyrics an beautiful music appeal to just about everyone.

Visit the Blind Pilot MySpace page for music samples


“ethereal…” – New York Post

“Blind Pilot…thrives on the gentle interplay between the strumming of the guitar and Nebeker’s dulcet vocals” – AM New York Feature

“…a bright and simple quality that’s undeniably captivating.” – WXPN’s

“…the songs on its marvelous debut, 3 Rounds and a Sound, are uniformly sturdy and sweet, drenched in brightly rustic instrumentation and some of the sweetest harmonies this side of such likeminded peers as The Avett Brothers and Fleet Foxes.” – NPR Music

“Songs like ‘Go On Say It’ have some of the same distinctly Pacific Northwest mellow of regional progenitors like Death Cab For Cutie and Elliott Smith – which is to say it’s wistful, slightly melancholy, and destined to soundtrack more than a few heartbreaks.” – The Onion

“One of the best bands I’ve stumbled across in ages… their quiet, well-crafted folk/peaceful Americana is irresistible.” – San Jose Mercury News

“It’s quite wonderful…” -Paste Magazine

“Blind Pilot¹s 3 Rounds and a Sound provides stunning confirmation that earthiness doesn¹t have to be the enemy of musical sophistication.” – Soundcheck

“Reflective and wistful…” – Boston Globe

“A rustic reverie” -Philadelphia Inquirer

What is the Rolling Ramble?

The Rolling Ramble is a short bike parade with music through downtown Columbia. With a parade permit we will be able to celebrate the freedom and joy that comes with traveling through town on our bicycles. This is a social event, but a civilized one as well. Please follow all traffic signals and rules of the road to ensure that this event will return in the future. Respect the cars around you as you expect them to respect you. Now let's go ride our bikes and have some fun! How about some live music anyone?

More about Blind Pilot

[From NPR's Morning Edition - www.npr.org]

The band Blind Pilot literally rode a pair of bicycles to success. The folk-pop outfit, formed by singer-guitarist Israel Nebeker and drummer Ryan Dobrowski, has taken two bike tours, playing its music all along the West Coast. The first of these two tours was supposed to run from Vancouver all the way down to the Mexican border. Unfortunately, the trip was cut short when the band’s bikes were stolen outside San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art.

“It was a fine ending to that tour,” Nebeker tells Morning Edition’s Ari Shapiro. “Ryan took it a bit harder than me.”

“Yeah, because Israel got his bike back,” Dobrowski says. “He found it on Craigslist for sale, so he bought it back for like $50, and I lost my bike forever.”

They recently finished a second bike tour with a couple of additional bandmates, hugging Highway 1 down the coastline. One of their most memorable scenes occurred at a tiny grocery store in Leggett, Calif. As the group played, a crowd began to gather around it, including a handful of unexpected onlookers.

“It was great, because all these truckers said that they’d seen us for the last few days,” Dobrowski says.

“We were playing music and having beers at this little grocery in the middle of the woods.”

Blind Pilot is on another tour now, with six members, and this time they’re all traveling by van. It’s a far cry from those first bike trips, where they didn’t even have a support vehicle to haul gear.

“Everything was bike-powered,” Nebeker says. “We had little bike trailers and carried our instruments.”

Other band members, like bassist Luke Ydstie, even constructed their own storage pieces to help move equipment.

“He calls [his case] a treasure chest,” Dobrowski says, “but everyone else calls it a coffin. And it definitely gets the most attention.”

“[The tour] was actually a pretty great way to meet people,” Nebeker says, “because then they’d ask about what we were doing. We’d tell them we were playing music down the coast.”

While the band had a number of shows lined up in bigger cities, many of its performances weren’t planned in advance, a decision Nebeker attributes to the uncertainties surrounding traveling by bike — like flat tires and getting lost. Other bands may cringe at the thought of such a tour, but the recipe seemed to work for Blind Pilot.

“It’s more appealing to us,” Dobrowski says. “I’m sure a lot of people still want the drugs and the women and the tour bus, but we like our campfires and our lakeside biking friends.”

Blind Pilot Official Site
Blind Pilot MySpace Page



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About Noah Earle


Postcards From Home is Noah Earle's second CD of original material, and his first CD to be released on Missouri-based MayApple Records. Years of constant performing and writing combined with an abundance of natural talent are beginning to pay dividends, as this young songwriter consistently draws audiences and glowing reviews.

Noah Earle was born in Topeka, Kansas, "a good place to dig potatoes." Surrounded by a musical family, he absorbed various strains of influence. His musical involvement began in early childhood when he would listen to the traditional country and country-gospel music that his family would play and sing at their gatherings. Between the ages of about 5 and 18 he underwent classical training for piano, voice and fiddle (his grandpa said "never let anybody call it a violin"). By the age of 10, he had decided that he wanted to write songs, like his uncle and grandfather. Throughout this time, he was also exposed to blues and jazz by his dad and uncle, both of whom performed in a number of bands. From these surroundings Noah has emerged as a formidable solo artist, displaying unmistakable talent through his deft finger-picking guitar style and an agile, soulful approach to his singing. Earle's first release for MayApple Records, Postcards From Home, finds him focusing his songwriting solidly in the Americana vein. His imaginative narrative style emerges from a lifetime of Midwest experience – fireworks, Keystone Light, channel cats, Quik Shops. Now residing on a farm in Hallsville , Missouri, he need only step outside to his own garden for earthly inspiration, reaping sentiments like those found in the heart-warming title track. Produced by Mark Bilyeu of Big Smith, Postcards is largely a stripped-down affair, a showcase for Earle's playing and singing, but also benefits from the tasteful performances of the top tier of musicians in and around Springfield, Missouri.

Others have been quick to recognize Earle's talent. In 2006 he won the solo category of the Kansas City Blues Challenge and was a finalist in the International Blues Competition in Memphis. Most recently, he was chosen as a New Folk finalist at the renowned Kerrville Folk Festival in 2007. 

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